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Greetings! The Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture keeps connected with students, staff, alumni and stakeholders through a department newsletter. These newsletters include

  • Message from the department written by admin staff and department head;
  • Recent events and awards to celebrate successes;
  • Upcoming events in the department;
  • Other fun stuff.

If you have good news, pictures from events or highlights from this fall that could be featured in the newsletter, please tell us about it!  Submit content to:

    Our Latest Newsletter

    End of Semester Newsletter, Fall 2023

    PSLA DEPARTMENT NEWSLETTER FALL 2023   Reflections on Fall 2023 This is an exciting time to belong to the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture.  We are a diverse group of individuals that all do, as one undergraduate called it, “plant stuff.”  Whether that includes tending to plants in a greenhouse, creating an in-depth […]

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