Leigh Whittinghill

Gratis Faculty

Assistant Agricultural Scientist at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Professional Credentials

  • PhD in Horticulture, 2012, Michigan State University
  • BS in Biology, 2006, Middlebury Collect

Areas of Interest

  • Green roofs
  • Urban agriculture
  • Vegetable production

Research Projects/Interests

Dr. Whittinghill’s research has focused on urban vegetable production, often using unconventional growing systems. This includes using green roof technology to produce vegetables, container production, and small scale in-ground production. Many of her projects also focus on how nutrient management practices impact yields, crop quality, and nutrient leaching. Her current research projects encompass these areas with a focus on three systems. Many urban farms use cut-and-come-again, or repeat harvesting, to produce greens, but there is little guidance on nutrient management in this system. Dr. Whittinghill is currently focusing on kale and collards and examining how different nutrient applications impact yield, crop quality, and nutrient leaching in controlled experiments and how nutrient management impacts crop quality on urban farms. In the past she has also studied cut-and-come-again lettuce. Dr. Whittinghill also has a project examining the use of small plastic pools as a low cost, scalable, container production systems. She is currently looking at the effects of media selection and drainage strategies on cucumber production in comparison to standard pots but has also examined production of greens. Dr. Whittinghill is also running a pilot project to look at nutrient leaching on urban farms in Connecticut. She is currently monitoring the nutrient inputs, harvests, and nutrient leaching of three urban farms, and is hoping to expand this project with future funding opportunities. 

Not accepting graduate students.


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Contact Information
Mailing AddressThe Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station 123 Huntington Street New Haven, CT 06511