Mary Concklin

Extension Educator Emeritus

Mary Concklin has retired from the University and is no longer accepting graduate students or Postdoctoral researchers.

Professional Credentials

  • MS, Horticulture, 1982, West Virginia University
  • BS, Plant Science 1980, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • AS, Pomology & Olericulture, 1975, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Areas of Interest

  • Tree fruit plant nutrition
  • Small fruit plant nutrition
  • Fruit-growing cultural practices

Research Projects/Interest

Use and Value of Scientific-Based Management Tools for Fertilizer Decisions for fruit crops – Fine tuning fertilizer decisions.

Operationalizing drone imaging technology to detect nutrient deficiencies in fruit orchards.

Monitoring and management of invasive and non-invasive fruit pests using the latest technology.


UConn Extension Integrated Pest Management Program

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