Matthew DeBacco

Adjunct Professor

Professional Credentials

  • PhD, Education (Specialization: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment), 2020, Ashford University
  • MA, Education, 2014, University of Connecticut
  • MS, Agronomy, 2011, University of Connecticut
  • BS, Primary: Pathology, Secondary: Horticulture, 2007, University of Connecticut

Areas of Interest

  • Cannabis education
  • Connecting students with industry
  • Giant pumpkins

Research projects/interests

Starting the nation’s first cannabis course at a public university was quite the challenge, but this has progressed to an additional advanced cannabis course. The advanced course is designed in a choose-your-own-adventure style allowing students to pursue the path that is of the greatest interest to them. The goal is to provide students with a self-directed education that prepares them for situations they will face in the future. It has been great to see students from my class get jobs in the industry and apply what they have learned to actual situations.

I also enjoy growing giant pumpkins and have held the state record twice with the largest weighing 1,885.5 pounds.

Not accepting graduate students.


SPSS 2130. Introduction to the Horticulture of Cannabis: Fundamentals of the production cycle of Cannabis including horticultural management, identification of crop issues, elite feminized seed production, seed propagation, vegetative propagation, pruning, training, optimization of cannabinoid content, and post-harvest handling. Overviews of Cannabis business operations world-wide and in Connecticut, exploring lab testing procedures, cannabidiol extraction technologies, the Connecticut medical marijuana program, and government regulation of the industry. Taught with SAPL 130.

SPSS 3995. Advanced Cannabis Horticulture: Production and Industry: Students will develop a full understanding of the production methods of cannabis in addition to postproduction methods. Aspects of the industry will also be included to provide information about extraction, end products, jobs and current research within the cannabis industry. The organization of this course allows students to be able to choose their own progression through the course to allow for individual paths that will provide advanced level details.

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