Culture and Diversity

In the landscape architecture program, students and faculty are encouraged to bring their own experiences, identities, and cultural backgrounds to inform their work, resulting in a learning experience that reflects our department’s diversity. The goal is to expand on notions of identity and belonging through a carefully crafted curriculum in which each course is designed to foster collaboration and community. By acknowledging and embracing the unique strengths and contributions of each individual there is an opportunity to celebrate differences and build bridges across cultural, social, and linguistic divides.

Empathy and genuine curiosity as to another’s lived experience support both personal expression and the collective experience of inclusion. At the intersection of plant sciences and design, the community addresses contemporary challenges with rigor, pushing the boundaries of creativity by questioning assumptions and considering alternative perspectives.

The program stands with the University and its Office for Diversity and Inclusion and the College and its Promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Strategic Vision Implementation Committee. The work is on-going, ever evolving.