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Landscape Architecture

We offer an accredited, professional Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture (BSLA), as well as a Master of Science (MS), and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). We are a small program where the students and faculty form a strong, close-knit community. We are composed of approximately 60 undergraduate students, a small group of graduate students, and six faculty members. We design, research, teach, and do public outreach, imagining vibrant communities and creating places of value; while protecting and restoring our natural and cultural resources. We strive toward actionable and collaborative practices that address climate justice and social equity. If you are a spatial thinker and you love art and design and you love plants and horticulture, then this is the program for you. Learn more about us.

Excited for this new Department @uconn Thank you for the invite to join the conversations at today’s retreat. Here’s to more conversations, collaborations, and transdisciplinary work. Landscape architecture is a broad field which is one of the things we ❤️ most about it. #geography #equity #climate #urban #community #theresmuchtobedone