Undergraduate Scholarships

Students in our department may be awarded scholarships by UConn and The College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. CAHNR awards over $800,000 in scholarships annually. Undergraduates who are full-time CAHNR and Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture students are eligible to apply. The Undergraduate Scholarship Application is offered annually with a list of available scholarships. This application is reviewed for a variety of scholarships offered by the college. The amount of scholarship awards vary year to year and each award has different eligibility requirements. 

UConn Scholarships

UConn provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, including departmental scholarships, merit scholarships, and state scholarships.

More information on UConn Scholarships

100 Years of Women Scholarship

Organizations outside our university

Navigate above by program to view scholarships by outside organizations available to our students. Students may apply with the organization directly.

See Seed Your Future for more scholarships, internships, and careers in horticulture.

Page last updated: 5/16/2023